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Summer holidays 2019 – From 5 to 28 August

ToolTarget will close its offices from 5 to 28 August All orders and e-mail requests that we receive will be seen and answered at reopening, 29 August. We wish you

Discovering the characteristics of wood

Until the early twentieth century, wood was the most used material for the construction of houses. In the following years it was replaced first by brick, then by cement. Today,

Guide: Choosing the right drill bits

There are different types of materials that we find ourselves drilling with a drill. Thickness, consistency and strength can become limitations if the right tips are not used. To get

Tools for wood polishing

Every object made of wood needs to be polished in order to eliminate any splinters that could be very dangerous. According to the size of the object to be smoothed,

Building a wooden stool: tools and procedure

Nowadays, being able to create an object with your own hands gives a lot of satisfaction. If the realized object is then useful, as for a stool, then the challenge

How to disassemble and replace the mandrels

The chuck is a mechanical device that allows you to hold down any piece of circular or squared shape, with a specific diameter. This tool allows you to perform a specific

Advices for a correct use of the drill

There are many mistakes that are made every time you decide to use a drill. Knowing them could help us not to create dangerous situations. Here’s what you need to

Difficulties in woodworking

Woodworking, like the whole of the DIY universe, is one of the most common hobbies to switch off from the frenzy of everyday life. Practicing this hobby is a great