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Guide: Choosing the right drill bits

Guide: Choosing the right drill bits

There are different types of materials that we find ourselves drilling with a drill. Thickness, consistency and strength can become limitations if the right tips are not used.
To get impeccable work it is therefore important to know how to choose the right tip.

The most common type of tip is that of helicoidal shape, useful for engraving wood, metals and walls. If, on the other hand, the project to be carried out involves special workings, it is necessary to use special bits, countersinks, etc.

When Analyzing different tips, you can see that those used for wood have a pointed apex at the top, from which two symmetrical fins branch off, giving the tip the typical helix aspect.

The masonry bits are ideal for drilling tiles and walls. Also of helical shape, but with the final part slightly rounded.

Finally, the metal drill bits, made with materials suitable to ensure a puncture without risking neither overheating or breaking the tip itself. Also in this case they are of helicoidal shape with a not pointed tip.

Once you have chosen the tip based on the material you are going to work, take into consideration the diameter, which must be exactly equal to the diameter of the dowel. If you have instructions, consult them.




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