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Discovering the characteristics of wood

Discovering the characteristics of wood

Until the early twentieth century, wood was the most used material for the construction of houses. In the following years it was replaced first by brick, then by cement.

Today, however, with a “return to the origins” its usefulness has been rediscovered. Furniture, wall coverings, DIY creations are just some of the uses in which we can find wood.

Here is a list of the characteristics for which we will choose wood compared to other materials:

  • Cutting attitude in the direction of the fibers;
  • Flexibility;
  • Ease of sanding;
  • Aesthetic quality, beauty is due to the performance of knots and fibers.

There are many types of wood present in nature, for convenience you can divide them into two branches: hard woods and soft woods, depending on the final use. Working it stimulates creativity and dexterity.




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