Biscuit joiner P-System

Biscuit joiner P-System

366,00 VAT included

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Code D Material Z P K FT F B A Price Stock Action
240.601.04 100.4 mm. PCD 3 4 7 mm. 4/4.5 – 9.5/36 22 mm. TCG 20° ° 366,00 VAT included
240.601.04M 100.4 mm. PCD 3 4 7 mm. 4/6.6 – 12/48 30 mm. TCG 20° ° 366,00 VAT included
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Designed for P-System precision biscuit joints & connecting fittings.
Polycristalline diamond teeth ensure unprecedented longevity and versatility.
Laser cut nickel-plated high carbon steel body is extremely resilient and resistant to the damaging effects of corrosion. 


  • Serial processing capability of P-System grooves means improved effectiveness and performance;
  • Optimum productivity with fixed standard parts, controlled quality and reproducibility;
  • Production methods are further enhanced as the same quality groove created with Zeta P2 power tools can also be realized on a CNC machine.

This means work pieces can be prepared ahead of time and then assembly completed on-site.

Biscuit Joiner 240.601.04 suitable for Lamello® Zeta P2.
Biscuit Joiner 240.601.04M suitable for CNC machines.


The connecting fitting is a preferred solution for open shelf units, large pieces of furniture and angled counters, and a popular choice as a general glueing aid for a variety of angles.
Frequently used as a visually appealing and premium quality solid joint for high-end products.

  • Knock down fitting for furniture, shelf units, fitted wardrobes, kitchen manufacturing etc.
  • Glueing aid for mitres, and 45° angles;
  • Connecting fittings for removable elements in trade booth construction and shopfitting projects;
  • Great alternative to standard connecting fittings;
  • Quick and easy prototype construction prior to launch of new furniture range;
  • On-site adjustments and assembly.
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