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2400W CMT router with standard equipment 2400W CMT router with standard equipment. Take a look at the specifications

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High quality CMT cutters High quality CMT cutters. Incredible quality and price

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Hole saws The new FastX4® hole saws!

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Diamond CMT router cutters with shear angle

Ideal for contouring and sectioning hard and abrasive materials such as laminates, MDF and the ennobled. To be included on or with chucks for machining...

From € 69,99 (VAT inc.)

Diamond router cutters with 45° CMT shear angle

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Super strength steel "H4" diamond cutting edgesf featuring 45° shear...

From € 283,23 (VAT inc.)

CMT diamond router bits with shear angle

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Super strength steel. DP cutting edge. HW plunging tip for diagonal plunge-cutting. ...

From € 92,67 (VAT inc.)

191 - Solid carbide upcut spiral bits

Sharp technology with a new twist A special super-micrograin carbide formulation was created to produce and hold a keen cutting...

From € 17,34 (VAT inc.)

35mm Extra-Long Life Plunge and Flush-Cut for Wood and Metal

FEATURES: High Quality carbide teeth. MATERIAL: Saw blade for wood, hardened screws and nails,...

From € 29,40 (VAT inc.)

Solid carbide upcut 2d/3d carving tapered ball noise spiral bit

TECHNICAL DETAILS: Premium quality HWM Upcut spiral cutting edges [Z2/Z3] Excellent finish on the...

From € 41,99 (VAT inc.)

Solid carbide boring bits

For drilling blind holes on solid wood, wood composites, plastic and laminated materials. For use on machining centres, point to point machines, CNC...

From € 13,55 (VAT inc.)

Dowel drills for through holes with Countersink

Used for drilling and countersinking in solid wood, wood composites, plastic and laminated materials. Suitable for high performance speed on boring...

From € 25,97 (VAT inc.)

CMT 550 - Multi-purpose hole saws

TECHNICAL FEATURES: Perfect round back plate. Fast & easy center drill change. Large chip clearance...

From € 15,76 (VAT inc.)

Keyhole router bits

With the CMT keyhole bit you can make holes that keep your frames, plaques or any wall hanging perfectly straight and attached to the wall. The bit...

From € 24,18 (VAT inc.)

6 piece mortising bit sets

Ideal for heavy mortise jobs. Made of super strength high speed steel and available in left-hand or right-hand rotation. Safely packaged in a hardwood...

From € 95,18 (VAT inc.)

13 piece router bit set with wooden case

BOX IS PROTECTED BY US PATENT NO. 7,703,605 AND BY OTHER FOREIGN PATENTS.  Containing 13 of CMT's most frequently...

From € 249,99 (VAT inc.)

ITK PLUS diamond circular saw blades for ultra-hard materials

Pin hole COMBI3: 2/7/42 + 2/9.5/46.5 + 2/10/60. Application: for rip and crosscuts on abrasive materials. Machines:...

From € 121,25 (VAT inc.)

Band saw blades for wood - N07

The final price of the blade band saw for wood has an increase of a fixed cost for € 6.10 ( VAT included) due to welding. The price shown...

From € 9,52 (VAT inc.)

XTreme diamond laminated and chipboard saw blades

TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: Teeth height mm: 4 -ISO Ggrade: 2µm Hardness (HV): 10.000 ...

From € 729,99 (VAT inc.)

HM "V" grooving cutter for acrylic and plastic materials, wood and MDF

HM polished teeth 5 mm thick for excellent finishing on plastic materials, wood and MDF.

From € 54,33 (VAT inc.)

300W Milling oscillating multi-tool

Standard Equipment: 1 x Oscillating Multi-Tool 1 x Handle 1 x Vacuum Hose 1 x Manual ...

From € 88,60 (VAT inc.)

CMT Precise measurements promo pack

The promo pack contains a height gauge and 2 digital angle gauges by CMT. Save now!

From € 89,99 (VAT inc.)


Band saw blades for FOOD - N05

Blade for cutting food and frozen foods. ATTENTION:  The final price of the band saw blade for food has increased...

From € 12,44 (VAT inc.)

CMT Dovetail router bits

The beautifully crafted dovetail joint is a classic that appeals to both professionals and novices alike. Admired for its attractiveness in box and...

From € 17,80 (VAT inc.)

CMT Hinge recesser router bits

CMT hinge recesser bits are ideal for shallow lateral routing cuts such as recessing hinges. Shop tips. Corners will...

From € 13,61 (VAT inc.)

2400W Professional Router with standard equipment - CMT7E

TECHNICAL FEATURES: -Power: 2400 watt. -No load speed: 8.000-20.000 RPM. -Plunge stroke: 0-68mm. -Collet...

From € 306,79 (VAT inc.)


Discovering the characteristics of wood

Until the early twentieth century, wood was the most used material for the construction of houses. In the following years it was replaced first by brick, then by cement. Today, however, with a "return to the origins" its usefulness has be...

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Guide: Choosing the right drill bits

There are different types of materials that we find ourselves drilling with a drill. Thickness, consistency and strength can become limitations if the right tips are not used. To get impeccable work it is therefore important to know how to choose the...

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