CMT Industrial saw blades

All CMT circular saw blades are made with the finest industrial materials and processes.

Three main categories and more:

  1. Industrial PTFE-coated circular saw blades. A great choice for the shop that keeps its blades running all day, every day.
  2. Industrial XTreme circular saw blades. Primarily intended for large panel saws and industrial woodworking machinery. High precision, tight tolerance and longer lifetime.
  3. ITK™ Industrial Thin Kerf circular saw blades. Thinner plates make this line ideal for saws that are a bit underpowered, but they also deliver a hard day's work, and these prices make them an incredible value.

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HM SawBlade

Ø102x2.38 d20+4 Z20 RH

From € 103,70 (VAT inc.)

Special Arbor


Designed for art. 100-20190312

From € 91,50 (VAT inc.)

Industrial CERMET saw blades for stainless steel - 226.5

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF HW TEETHERS: Tooth height in mm: 5 Quality, ISO code: K30 Hardness...

From € 48,41 (VAT inc.)

Precision dados

CMT thoroughly researched the shortcomings of “standard” dado sets and learned what cabinet makers required most from an...

From € 167,20 (VAT inc.)

CMT Industrial saw blade NN-System Xtreme

Thanks the new minimization of gullets design this blade succeeded in reducing the noise of idling by  upto 15 dB(A) compared to conventional...

From € 270,84 (VAT inc.)

ITK PLUS diamond circular saw blades for ultra-hard materials

Pin hole COMBI3: 2/7/42 + 2/9.5/46.5 + 2/10/60. Application: for rip and crosscuts on abrasive materials. Machines:...

From € 121,25 (VAT inc.)

Biscuit joiner saw blade

CMT?s 100mm (4") biscuit joiner saw blade with orange PTFE industrial coating trademark makes biscuit joints quickly and easily. High-grade German...

From € 19,50 (VAT inc.)

Biscuit joiner P-System

Designed for P-System precision biscuit joints & connecting fittings. Polycristalline diamond teeth ensure unprecedented longevity and versatility.

From € 183,94 (VAT inc.)

ITK framing/decking saw blades, for portable machines

Application: for rip cuts especially designed for building contractors. Machines: portable and cordless machines. Material:...

From € 27,38 (VAT inc.)

ITK Plus ripping saw blades

TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: Teeth height mm: 5-6  CHROMIUM ISO grade: K20  Hardness...

From € 22,36 (VAT inc.)

XTreme super finishing saw blades for cutting frames

TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: -Teeth height mm: 8 -CHROMIUM ISO grade: KCR06 -Hardness (HV10): 1.950 -Transverse rupture strength (N/mm2): 2.300...

From € 69,11 (VAT inc.)

Circular saw blade stabilizers

The CMT blade stabilizer virtually eliminates rim vibration to make cleaner, straighter cuts and extend the life of your CMT saw blade. It also helps...

From € 15,60 (VAT inc.)

Calibration & sanding disks

Before starting a new project, balance your CMT blade in your table saw with the CMT calibration & sanding disk. Mount your calibration & sanding...

From € 19,50 (VAT inc.)

XTreme fine finishing saw blades

TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: Teeth height mm: 8 tooth thickness: 3.2 mm CHROMIUM ISO grade: KCR06 -Hardness...

From € 73,54 (VAT inc.)

XTreme laminated and chipboard saw blades

TECHNICAL DETAILS OF CARBIDE TEETH: -Teeth height mm: 8~10 -CHROMIUM ISO grade: KCR06 -Hardness (HV10): 1.950 -Transverse rupture strength (N/mm2):...

From € 48,41 (VAT inc.)