60mm Diamond coated Extra-Long Life Segment Saw Blade

Diamond coated for extended lifetime.

Segment saw blade for tiles, marble, epoxy resins.

For frequent use and challenging jobs on tough grout from between tiled surfaces. Efficient shape allows aggressive grinding without damaging the tile. Cutting out marble and trass concrete joints. Also for sinking ducts in plaster, brick, pumice and honeycomb stone as well as autoclave aerated concrete. Ideal for corners and on edges without overcutting, cutting width approx 2,2mm.

Versions available
K (Kerf thickness) Desc. (Description) DIM (Dimensions) QTY (Package Quantity) Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Quantity
2.2 mm. Starlock Max®  60  OMF243-X1 product available € 124,07