35mm Extra-Long Life Plunge and Flush-Cut for Wood and Metal

High Quality carbide teeth.

Saw blade for wood, hardened screws and nails, plasterboard, plastic, sheet metal, copper, aluminium and stainless steel.

Cutting hardened screws/nails, Cutting stainless steel like kitchen front covers, plunge cuts in severely abrasive materials like fiberglass.

Versions available
I (Cutting length-height) Z (Number of cutting edges) Desc. (Description) DIM (Dimensions) QTY (Package Quantity) Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Quantity
40 mm. 20 TPI  Fit Fein® SuperCut / Festool® Vecturo  35  OMS14-X1 product available € 29,40
40 mm. 20 TPI  Universal Arbor  35  OMM14-X1 product available € 29,40