2-CMT piece entry door router bit sets

These bits allow you to create tongue-and-groove joints and produce entry and passage doors with minimal effort.

The bit on the left, when used in pair with the bit 800.628.11, is great for producing long and beefy tenons, whereas the other tool makes the decorating profile.

Versions available
D (Diameter) I (Cutting length-height) S (Shank diameter) H. (Height) QTY (Package Quantity) Materiale (Material) Code Ava. Price (VAT inc.) Quantity
48 mm. 44,5 mm. 12,7 mm. 130 mm. HW  855.806.11 product available € 148,00
60 mm. 44,5 mm. 12 mm. 130 mm. HW  955.806.11 product available € 148,00

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